Lesson for the Day: Know Your Types of Links

One of the most important parts of Search Engine Optimization is creating good quality links back to your website. However, a good link building campaign can only be effective if one can provide creative and relevant links to your website.

Search engines assign different weight values to different types of links and the higher the weighted value, obviously the more that incoming link helps your website. Your main goal to get a good linking campaign and build a huge traffic going to your website. Here are some of the most common types of links that can help you in building traffic to your website:

  • No-follow links. These are the worst links to get and for the most part, they are a waste of time. A no-follow link is a link that links to your website but in the code, there is an attribute value (no-follow) set to tell the search engine not to follow the link. The only beneficial value to a link with the “no-follow” attribute is that your link is visibly seen which may or may not get users to click on it to go to your website, but the search engines will not give any value to these links because they do not follow them to your website. Lower quality directories sometimes use no-follow for their free submission.
  • Reciprocal links. These are some of the most common types of links that consist of two sites that link to each other so they both gain some sort of SEO value. These links are usually easy to get from directories or other websites but they require that you put their link on your website in return. If the content on the two sites is similar then the links will be viewed as more valuable but even still, reciprocal links are not valued too high in Google or other search engines. For example, if two sites about banking both linked to each other, the value of those links will be higher for both websites than if say a banking website had a reciprocal link with a pet store website. So it is better to get reciprocal links with sites similar to yours in regards to topics and content. But even if the two sites are not related you can still look at it as a link is a link. It may not have much weight to it but it is still a link and that only helps you and will not usually hurt you.
  • One-way links. The best links that you can get to your website are one-way links. These are links from other websites to your website without you having to link back to them. These links hold the most value because in the search engine’s algorithmic mind, if someone is linking to you with no link back, then your website is probably offering some sort of service, product or information that is important enough to not require a link back. Just like with reciprocal links, the more the content and topics on the site linking to you are related to you, the more weight Google will give that link. One way links can be acquired from Article writing, Directories, and Blogs.

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Remember, when you are trying to get links for your website, get to know these important types of links and try to utilize them to have a successful and effective Link Building campaign.